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Island Heat


A two-act stage play of strife, life, love, lust and colonialism on a Caribbean island

Island HeatMae Ziglin Meidav's Island Heat is set in 1965-75 on an island in the Caribbean situated on top of a geothermal energy reservoir. Evelyn Adams, the main character (from Europe and of mixed parentage), and her husband Don Adams, a Canadian, settled on this island some twenty years ago. At the cusp of colonial and island culture, they maintain pseudo-polite, British-like decorum, living in relative isolation except for the company of visiting modern explorers who come to develop the island's natural resources. A native woman, Leontine, is a servant at the Adams' household. Leontine also serves as Don Adam's intermittent sexual partner and as Evelyn's unacknowledged companion and confidante. The current activity on the island involves the drilling of deep  geothermal  wells, and Hogan Harris, a project engineer from New Zealand has come to manage the drilling. Evelyn finds the passion missing in her marriage from contact with Hogan, his approach to life and his work. They become lovers. She plans to return to New Zealand with Hogan when he leaves the island. In the end, she finds the love and passion she yearns for, but not in the way she expects it.

Phoenix Theatre II, San Francisco, June 8 - July 14, 2001

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