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Mae Ziglin MeidavMae Ziglin Meidav is Artistic Director and founder of Brookside Repertory Theatre is the recipient of the California Arts Council Playwrights Fellowship, 1991-92, granted for Delicate Pin Stripes and Other Tales, a two-act solo performance script.  Full-length plays include:  Island Heat, the first production of Brookside Repertory Theatre; Basha Rubenchek from Minsk, Comrade of Petaluma, recipient of a grant from California Living History Center; and Flying Out of Formation.   Meidav’s produced short plays include: Speak Softly and Carry A Big Computer  part of Brookside Rep’s winning production of Best Collected Shorts at the 2003 SF Fringe Festival; Chanukah Is Not the Jewish Christmas, and McNally and the Ghost of Christmas Past  performed at Brookside Rep’s  Holiday Shorts; and Joseph and Potiphor’s Wife at the 2006 SF Fringe Festival.  Fully staged solo performances include:  The Physics of Bodies in Motion; The Interview, Or, Would You Consider Saudi ArabiaTo Have and To Hold; Bessie, Peshie;  The Butcher;  Ejecting a Jeep from an Airplane;  My Zayde, Or, Never Turn The Pickle Barrel Sour.   Selected for the San Francisco 2000 Solo Mio Festival, Meidav performed When You’re Down, You’re Up: A Guide to an American Yiddish Family.  Meidav, a native of  St. Louis, earned academic degrees in mathematics and physics from Washington University and University of Missouri, an M.A. degree and Ph.D in sociology from University of California, Riverside.  She taught sociology at St. John’s University, Queens, New York, held a Visiting Scholar position at University of California, Berkeley.  




Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times, writes, "What Meidav has done with her play is create an extremely rich work that not only has a passionate point of view, but also a host of beautifully crafted, three-dimensional characters... [T]he show comes with a conclusion that will leave most people smiling."

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The Brookside Repertory Theatre in Berkeley Presents :: BASHA RUBENCHEK From Minsk, Comrade of Petaluma; by Mae Ziglin Meidav Opens March 26, 2009